Friday, 28 July 2017

Been a while

It's been way too long... over the last year it was great to release a few tunes like fishbowl. Now, there's many hours of nearly finished tunes - at least a 4 disc album, possibly 6 discs, excluding the more recent sessions.

So, the next few months of attention are on trying to wrap up those tunes and summarise the last 10 years of amazingly good times. The impending doom of the pentium 4 computer, and terrible backup strategy, are great incentives to get it done. If the tech dies, it will not be happening.

In parallel, we've got some great new hardware globally and a bright future of possibility - can't wait to get stuck in!

Thursday, 12 November 2015


oops... forgot about this blog recently.

Delighted to be releasing Fishbowl today - was a difficult 40 minutes of insanity to navigate through! At one stage it was probably down to about 4 mins, but absolutely delightful to just let it flow instead of trying to cut to some time defined by others...  More of that letting a tune breath, we can hope!

Saturday, 15 February 2014


Joy to get album wrapped, and brilliant to see collaboration and different views steering it thru possible directions.

Now to find somebody willing to invest themselves in promotion.

And enjoying the new experiments already.... Will be interesting to see where it goes!

Monday, 2 December 2013

Vacancy - union rep

Due to unproductive working environment of current studio, a vacancy has arisen for a union rep to uphold artist rights in the ongoing fight against capitalism.

Candidates with a proven ability to proactively resolve issues are desired, particularly those who are capable of acquiring normal size chairs and tables and/or burning Christmas tablecloths. Candidates with massage or orthopedic re-alignment skills will also be looked upon favourably, as will those who can organise a studio larger than 1 cubed metre.

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Nothing beats a deadline

2 weeks left to wrap up more than 40% of the album really brings focus.

Holy crap, double time and no more watching breaking bad!!

Monday, 4 November 2013


There's a recurring internal debate popping up - do you have fun and create some crazy noise and call it a tune, or do you tone it down make sure your music is accessible?

Seems that sometimes the word "accessible" could be used to define commercialising, selling out, removing the outstanding characteristics, submitting to fear and ensuring conformity to boundaries. The world does not accept the insanity that creates, but if you smooth the corners and create a result which hides its true origin, that's ok.

Granted, sometimes "accessibility" means deleting some crazy rubbish born on the wrong tangent if it takes value away from something which could be great. Let's call that accenuating the positive.

There are different degrees of conformity though. I wonder if the sex pistols, in all their rebellion, conformed to the style expected of them and lost some of their creative freedom? I admire the way Ween just do whatever they want on their albums, it remains accessible through their polished madness, but they express their freedom on the rest. Tom Waits sometimes seems completely off the wall until you listen closely and hear the classical influence and beautiful melody behind the apparent insult.

With music being art, it's important to fight the "accessible" word sometimes and let the truth emerge when it can. There is an art and pleasure in mundane repetition and there's art and pleasure in crazy insane angry emotion poured onto tape in a cascade of noise which hurts your ears. The noise is perhaps more emotionally accessible and simultaneously  challenging, while the mundane lets you drift happily. Balance.

In brief...
That which appears beautiful is ugly and distorted, and that which appears ugly and distorted is truly beautiful.